SK-B, Graphitized Cathode Block for Aluminium Smelting

Highly Rated by Aluminium Smelters in the World

World Best Quality Cathode Block

Cathode block is the essential material for aluminium smelting. SEC CARBON has succeeded in commercial production of fully graphitized cathode blocks first in the world.
Graphitizing of the entire cathode block produces excellent stability of quality, thermal and electrical conductivity, anti-thermal shock and bath resistivity, compared to graphitic blocks or amorphous carbon blocks.
These features have contributed to a significant improvement of production efficiency at aluminium smelters world-wide. SK-B is now recognized as the global standard of cathode blocks.

Increasing Global Demand

Aluminium is a light weight and easily recyclable material. It is used in various fields, such as packaging, automotive, transportation, machinery and construction industries. Demand for this environmental friendly material has been rapidly increasing on a global scale. We support growth of the aluminium industry through supply of high quality SK-B.

From New Production Line in Kyoto to the World

SEC CARBON has commissioned the new production line dedicated for SK-B within the site of the Kyoto Plant. The new line is designed to optimize production efficiency by arranging all processes in alignment. The centralized control room automatically regulates all operation parameters in the forming process from mixing of raw materials to production speed. With these facilities, we have committed ourselves to further improve consistency of our product quality. By adding the new line, our production capacity for SK-B increased up to 1.5 times. This is well-timed to respond to the increasing global demand.

Dedicated SK-B plant

Centralized control room

Where is SK-B used ?
Used as negative electrodes (cathode blocks)
in aluminium reduction cells
SK-B is used as negative electrodes (cathode blocks) in the electrolysis process to produce aluminium from alumina. High quality cathode blocks contribute to improving efficiency of aluminium smelting that consumes vast amounts of electricity. As demand for aluminium is rapidly increasing on a global scale, SK-B is expected to play a more significant role in this industry.

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