Message from the President

Nakajima Koh (President)

Challenging with the Pride of Carbon

Since the company's foundation, SEC CARBON has consistently made pursuits in the field of carbon and has been committed to supplying higher quality products. We have also contributed to the development of the industry. Today our company is highly praised and trusted internationally as well as domestically.
Although carbon is a material that has existed through the ages, we consider that this material has unlimited potential. SEC CARBON is committed to continue its business activities as a carbon-specialized manufacturer.

We have been supported to this day by the efforts of our predecessors, numerous business partners and regional societies. With humility of such history, however, we will continue our strides by devoting ourselves to the business activities and connect the history to future generations as a trustworthy and constantly evolving company.

In order to fulfill our corporate responsibilities, even during tumultuous times, we will continue to develop outstanding human resources and maintain harmony with society and the environment.
From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely appreciate your continued patronage and support for the long lasting development of our company.

Nakajima Koh

Management Philosophy

Our company challenges to constant changes, searches for infinite possibilities, and aspires to the top of the industry