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Contribution to Industries with Highly-Functional Products Produced by Unique Technology and Production System

  • Highly Rated by Aluminium Smelters in the World. SK-B, Graphitized Cathode Block for Aluminium Smelting
    SK-B is the global standard of fully graphitized cathode blocks for the aluminium industry.
  • Contributing to an Environmentally Friendly Society and Supporting Steel Making Graphite Electrodes
    SEC CARBON has been leading the development of large diameter electrodes in the mainstream market. We provide products with the most suitable quality for individual furnace operation conditions.
  • High-Value-Added Products that Support World's Cutting-Edge Technologies Carbon & Graphite Specialties
    Carbon & Graphite specialties are machined into various shapes taking advantage of the excellent features of graphite. These products are used in cutting-edge industries and aerospace industry as well.
  • High Purity and Fineness with Wide Variations Fine Powder
    SEC CARBON proudly provides this world-class highly functional material. Our purification technology is based on thorough material research. Our integrated production system has realized stable supply of our fine powder.

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