Fine Powder

High Purity and Fineness with Wide Variations

Unique Product with High Purity and High Crystallinity at Micron Levels from 1 to 100

Since 1986 when the first powder plant was established, SEC CARBON has provided fine powder that plays a role in our business with its extremely high purity and excellent high crystallinity. A wide range of series has been offered at micron levels from 1 to 100, so that customers can make their own choices according to their use. Our powder products include the one that has a 99.999% of super-high purity (five nines). As times advance, SEC CARBON fine powder is being actively utilized in diverse industries for such things as paint, sliding materials, metallurgic uses, and batteries.

Precise Manufacturing Process for Fine Quality Products

Integrated Pulverization Process Management

Fine powder is produced by an integrated production system from raw material treatment to finished products by fully utilizing the latest cutting-edge production equipment and our unique high-level machining technology. Under the consolidated manufacturing management, raw materials are pulverized to micron levels of 1 to 100 by ultrafine pulverization and classification equipment according to each desired usage. Through the classification process, the raw material is made into sophisticated products.

Strict Quality Control Systems and Continuous Technology Development

Stable grain size and consistent quality, these are the lifeline of fine powder. Fully-equipped with the latest and most-advanced inspection equipment, SEC CARBON repeatedly performs physical testing and analysis. In accordance with the unique and strict quality standards, SEC CARBON performs inspections consisting of the following three stages: the receiving inspection of raw materials, the in-process inspection conducted during each process, and the finished-product inspection. Aggressively working on technological development, our goal is to realize further high quality.

Measurement of Specific Surface Area

Product inspection by Electronic Microscope

Where is Fine Powder used ?
Used as raw materials for batteries and automobile paint
Fine powder is graphite powder with high purity. Through our unique research and development, this sophisticated product was developed. Until this advancement, conventional graphite powder products had difficulties in realizing uniform quality and stable supply. Our fine powder is actively being utilized in the latest cutting-edge industries, such as electrode materials of lithium-ion secondary batteries.

SG Series High Purity Artificial Graphite

Grade Characteristics Ash
SGP Graphite powder manufactured by processing select artificial graphite material using original, advanced graphitizing processing and high purity processing. Possesses outstanding electrical conductivity and lubricity. 0.03 99.97 2.24 0.3362
SGO Highly oriented, high purity carbon powder identical to natural graphite crystals, manufactured using a proprietary process. Outstanding electrical conductivity, lubricity and thermal resistance. 0.02 99.98 2.25 0.3360
SGX Ultra high purity graphite powder with an ash content of less than 10ppm, refined using high purity processing technology. 10ppm 99.999 2.25 0.3360
SGL Graphite powder that uses lump coke as a raw material and has undergone advanced graphitizing processing. In addition to electrical conductivity and lubricity, it also possesses outstanding wear resistance. 0.25 99.75 2.20 0.3370

SN Series High Purity Natural Graphite

SNO Graphite powder manufactured by processing select natural graphite using a proprietary special refining process. In addition to a purity equivalent to artificial graphite, this powder possess highly superior electrical conductivity and lubricity. 0.03 99.97 2.26 0.3355
SNE Graphite powder processed using a special slicing process and possesses outstanding electrical conductivity. 0.03 99.97 2.26 0.3355

SC Series High Quality Carbon

SCN High chemical reactivity and is a carbon material with appropriate slide properties. 0.10 99.90 2.14 0.3375
SCL Carbon material ideal for sliding material that requires wear resistance. 0.40 99.60 2.05 0.3384

Manufacturing products with a variety of advantages that bring out the capabilities of graphite to the fullest.

Grain distribution
(representative example)
Relationship between average grain diameter and oil absorption volume
Relationship between average grain diameter and bulk density
Relationship between average grain diameter and specific surface area
Element analysis examples of impurities

(Unit: ppm)

Grade Element
Al Ca Fe Si Ti
SGP 20 50 100 30 10
SGO 20 30 60 20 5
SNO 15 30 60 30 40
SGX 0.1 0.5 0.2 0.1 0.1

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