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Kyoto Plant

The Kyoto Plant is SEC CARBON's main manufacturing and product development plant. The integrated manufacturing line that incorporates all processes from the pulverizing of raw materials to processing, is equipped with large-scale manufacturing facilities that are the top of the class in the industry. The plant also features detailed design capabilities to match user specifications. Located in the Osadano Industrial Park in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto, it is approximately one hour by car from the Hanshin area, making it highly accessible.
In 1994, the plant obtained ISO9002 certification, the international standard for quality management system, and later upgraded to ISO9001:2000 in 2002. The plant grounds are 500,000m2, and in this environment surrounded by greenery, the plant continues to operate by placing coexistence with nature above all. In 1999, the plant obtained ISO14001 certification, the international standard for environment management system.

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Completion of a new SK-B integrated plant
on the grounds of the Kyoto Plant

In order to meet the demands of increased demand and stronger provision capabilities for our cathode blocks for aluminium smelting (trademark: SK-B), for which SEC CARBON boasts the top worldwide market share, we have built a new integrated plant for the production of SK-B on the grounds of the Kyoto Plant.
With this plant coming online, our SK-B production capability has increased by 150%. As a single plant, it is the one of the largest graphite manufacturing hubs in the world.

Large-scale continuous graphitizing furnace
for Fine Powder thermal treatment

In the Kyoto Plant is a large-scale continuous graphitizing furnace for Fine Powder thermal treatment, made by combining the substantial technology of our company. It is the first furnace of its kind in the world. Along with it core product of lithium-ion secondary battery negative electrode material, it also performs graphitizing of various Fine Powder products.

・A thermal treatment temperature can be freely selected in a range between 1000 °C and 3000 °C.
・The special temperature control method assures constant, homogeneous treatment.
・A treatment atmosphere for the substance to be treatment can be selected.

Okayama Plant

The Okayama Plant is a plant specializing in Carbon & Graphite specialties processing and specific impregnation. The plant features a manufacturing system that takes into consideration the characteristics of Carbon & Graphite specialties, whose processing accuracy, shape and characteristics differ depending on the product. This has allowed the plant to manufacture a wide variety of products that meet an even wider variety of user needs. Located in the eastern part of Okayama city, the plant covers an area of 130,000m2 facing the Seto Inland Sea. Here also, we place an importance on being in harmony with the natural environment.

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