Corporate History

In the over 75 years since our founding in 1934, SEC CARBON has experienced a multitude of events during every era to become the SEC CARBON we are today, from the devastating damage to our Naruo Plant at the end of WWII, the transfer of our plant from Nishinomiya City to Fukuchiyama City in Kyoto, to the partnership and merger with Showa Electrodes and Kyowa Carbon. However, despite all these drastic changes, there is one thing that has remained the same, our passion for manufacturing. We are constantly looking at what is coming next, and we have been passionate about delivering and providing products that society requires. In 2009, the head office was moved to the 6th floor of the Amagasaki Front Building. In 2011, we have started to take on new challenges such constructing a new plant, within the Kyoto Plant, dedicated to the production of SK-B. You will not be disappointed in our continuing development and progress in order to answer to the expectations of our customers.

October 1934 Founded Showa Electrode Co., Ltd. with a capital of 2 million yen.
March 1935 Started operation of Nishinomiya Plant.
July 1944 Increased the capital to 30 million yen.
June 1945 Got all plants burned due to war.
February 1946 Restored the plants and started the production of graphite electrodes.
April 1962 Started the production of large-diameter electrodes of 24 inches.
July 1963 Registered stocks on the over-the-counter market of Osaka.
October 1963 Increased the capital to 120 million yen.
November 1964 Increased the capital to 240 million yen.
July 1967 Increased the capital to 360 million yen.
August 1968 Increased the capital to 1 billion yen.
May 1972 Started the construction of Kyoto Plant.
June 1973 Started partial operation of Kyoto Plant.
October 1974 Completed Kyoto Plant and started its full-scale operation.
Stopped the operation of Nishinomiya Plant.
June 1976 Gained permission for Kyoto Plant to use the JIS mark.
June 1984 Completed super-large diameter electrodes machining line.
July 1984 Changed company name to SEC Corporation.
November 1984 Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange with the capital increased to 4.4 billion yen.
June 1986 Increased the capital to 5.4 billion yen.
December 1986 Merged with Kyowa Carbon Co., Ltd.
July 1990 Increased the capital to 5.9 billion yen.
September 1992 Started the operation of Okayama Plant (Saidaiji).
January 1994 Gained ISO9002 accreditation for Kyoto Plant.
September 1998 Stopped the operation of Okayama Plant (Ushimado).
December 1999 Gained ISO14001 accreditation for Kyoto Plant.
March 2002 Renewed ISO 9001 for Kyoto Plant.
October 2006 Changed company name to SEC CARBON, LIMITED
January 2009 Head office moved to the Amagasaki Front Building.
November 2011 Construction of a dedicated SK-B plant within the Kyoto Plant.